An article by Varun Mehta, EVP – Client Engagement, titled “Election-Year Email Troubles Are a Warning for Business Leaders” has been published on; the article discusses how the media spotlight on email practices in the political arena are a reminder to business leaders of the risks inherent in electronic communications. An excerpt of the article can be found below.

Election-Year Email Troubles Are a Warning for Business Leaders

My mornings begin on Outlook, checking email from clients and colleagues in Europe and Asia and WhatsApp, communicating with my family in India. All day, I’m on LinkedIn’s messaging system to keep up with industry partners and peers; Facebook Messenger to connect with friends in the UK; and Salesforce, Asana and Skype to collaborate on projects and initiatives with colleagues across the globe. In the evenings, I’m on Snapchat, following friends’ adventures here in the U.S. Each day, I’m sending hundreds of messages to hundreds of people around the world, using more than half a dozen messaging systems.

With so many new ways to communicate; however, it is one of the most basic forms of messaging that has taken center stage this election year — email. Clinton’s private server use and her deleted emails, the DNC email hack, reports of a 10-year-old lawsuit,involving The Trump Organization, in which email was an issue — just read the news on any given day, and it seems that email-related headlines are numerous and seemingly endless.



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