Last month saw a number of end of life announcements from iManage – most notably for FileSite, DeskSite, the IDOL Indexer and the COMAPI which will end support in June 2023. This, in combination with Microsoft ceasing support for Basic Authentication for M365, means that firms still on legacy versions of the product now have to start planning the upgrade of both server and desktop to Work10.

Join Morae’s Chuck Davis, David Malkinson and Francesca Bortoli as they explore the different choices available to firms planning their upgrade journey, including the Desktop clients, RAVN Indexer, iManage Cloud, and what to do with the integrations that use the legacy API.

The webinar will also show how firms should reframe this project to stakeholders; this shouldn’t be seen as a disruptive technical upgrade, but as a positive business change that will ultimately enhance productivity, security and the firm’s competitive advantage.