Reuters Events: Legal Leaders equips you with what you need to operate as a successful and trusted strategic business adviser in the new paradigm with a program covering five core areas which are driving or undergoing change across the legal industry.

  • Leadership and Strategy – Collaborate strategically to embed legal across the enterprise, navigate the evolving crisis and risk management landscape and effectively lead your legal department.
  • Resourcing and Talent – Cultivate the next generation of legal talent and understand the legal requirements for the hybrid working world of the future.
  • Regulation – Ensure compliance with new and changing regulation, understand trends in corporate taxation and cope with evolving geopolitical tension and uncertainty.
  • ESG and Diversity – Develop a comprehensive ESG strategy, get your reporting right and follow through on your diversity, equity and inclusion statements.
  • Transformation – Define a legal tech strategy to digitally transform your legal department, vet legal technology vendors and stay secure with a robust cybersecurity plan.