PREX has always been and will always be about driving innovation. With technology changing so quickly, it can feel impossible to keep up. It’s critical to devote time to learning about new technologies, the legal ramifications of those technologies, and (of course) how teams are leveraging new technologies and ideas to achieve better outcomes. 

In this spirit, this year’s theme is all about innovation. PREX21 will be devoted to new technologies, explorations of new legal challenges, and innovation within corporate legal teams. 

This year’s event will feature breakout sessions that are carefully curated to deliver useful strategies as well as earn participants CLE credits. We will also have a number of keynotes featuring the luminaries of ediscovery serving up a healthy dose of inspiration and motivation to move your career forward. In addition, there will be all-access networking, giving participants the chance to meet, connect, and mingle with industry colleagues from leading companies.