Legal Tech News quoted Clutch President Brandon Daniels multiple times in its piece on trust breaches and the potential applications of AI and Machine Learning in early detection. Brandon’s quotes from the article have been provided below.

Hired Risk: Securing the Law Firm from Betrayed Employee Trust

Inside legal’s employee monitoring failsafe and a look at how legal woke up to the prospect of insider threats.

By Ricci Dipshan NOVEMBER 28, 2016

In the not-too-distant past, Brandon Daniels, president of the Clutch Group, recalls, insider threats were solely the responsibility of the IT department.

How times have changed. Over the past five years, Daniels has “seen CISOs and cybersecurity folks actually moving over to legal and reporting directly into the legal department,” as general counsel began to understand the “amount of liability they carry that comes with client information.”

Legal was made the front line against insider threats, in no small part because the data it manages is held to the highest, and least flexible, standards. “It’s very difficult to negotiate confidentiality and breach standards, and it’s also an area impossible to create stop loss,” Daniels explains.

It is a problem Daniels knows well. His company, Clutch Group, is working with Nuix “on a surveillance cloud” as an extension of its Comms.IQ platform. For all the new solutions’ advancements, however, Daniels notes it, too, will have to rely to some extent on manual risk assessment.

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