The International Privacy Conference convenes its 37th annual event today, October 26, 2015 through October 29, 2015, in Amsterdam.  Over 100 data protection and privacy commissioners representing 63 countries, including the European Union (EU), are expected to attend.  At the conference, a commission of nineteen “renowned privacy experts” from the EU and United States (US) will unveil the final paper resulting from their Privacy Bridges Project.  The paper sets forth 10 proposals to improve personal data protection between the EU and US.

The conference offers a unique platform to discuss the recent ruling by the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) to invalidate the EU-US safe harbor agreement for the transfer of personal data.  The proposal of new data standards, such as the Privacy Bridges paper, also offers new vehicles for approved data transfers for businesses operating in both the EU and US.



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