Innovation is the name of the game with a majority of legal teams successfully improving how they operate.

By Heidi Rudolph – Morae Global
Published in Above the Law
Dec 20, 2019 at 12:15 PM

The findings of the Blickstein Groupโ€™s 2019 Law Department Operations Survey reveal a majority of legal teams are successfully improving how they operate. But much work remains to be done as they strive to overcome a variety of challenges for law department transformation. In addition, with 33 percent of the legal operations professionals being new to their roles within the last one to three years, this suggests considerable opportunity and room for maturity evolution.

Survey participants reported business process improvement, cost containment and savings, and management of the budget as top challenges, followed closely by concerns over the management and retention of department resources, staying abreast of technology, and managing outside counsel. I would say technology is one of the commonalities across all these issues.

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