Edward “Todd” Pedwell

Senior Director


[email protected]


I am Edward (“Todd”) Pedwell, for more than two decades I have been focused on the intersections of law, business, and technology with an emphasis on the strategic approaches to the business of law while supporting General Counsels, Chief IP Counsels and Chief Compliance Officers with meeting their business objectives.

My experience, in conjunction with my legal background, has led me to have a strong interest in legal and regulatory compliance, ethics, legal technology, IP management and law department operations. I have worked in a variety of industries with Fortune 500 companies as well as small to mid-sized businesses globally where I have brought business insights and principles to their operations.

Why Morae?

Morae has gathered some of the most talented and forward-thinking professionals who focus on assisting clients with their complex business needs and objectives. Working collaboratively, the suite of services offered by Morae are innovative and provide the highest level of service.

As the business of law has evolved, GCs, legal teams and CCO must adapt to the new challenges as they strive to meet their business objective while adding value to the enterprise.