Meredith Wells

Managing Director


[email protected]



I am Meredith Wells, and I support General Counsel and Chief Ethics and Compliance Officers with the strategy, development, and day-to-day operations of legal and regulatory corporate compliance programs.


I leverage my legal background and compliance expertise to design, implement, manage, and assess compliance programs for small companies and multinational corporations across a range of industries.  In addition to supporting overall corporate compliance governance with a deep knowledge of best practices and regulatory expectations, I specialize in: anti-corruption compliance and due diligence, global third-party management, and sanctions and trade control programs.  I also assist organizations in incorporating elements of ESG programs, such as human rights, diversity, and discrimination & harassment, into their compliance efforts.

Why Morae?

I am at Morae because I think the services we offer make sense. The Morae model provides clients with a remarkable pool of talent, experience, and high-caliber resources to meet a multitude of business needs strategically, effectively, and efficiently.

I understand the complexities of bringing legal and regulatory compliance initiatives into businesses – and across functions – and the potential challenges that GCs and CECOs might face in light of competing priorities.  A compliance approach tailored to an organization’s business model, risk profile, and risk appetite provides a foundation for practical solutions that don’t end up on the shelf, but are rather adopted and effectively actioned.