Morae to Introduce the Foundation Firm Intelligence Platform for Law Firms in the UK, Europe, and Asia-Pacific

Morae Global Corporation, a market leading provider of digital and legal business transformation solutions for law firms, law departments, and compliance functions, today announced a technology partnership with Foundation Software Group, the market leader for experience management and firm intelligence solutions for US law firms. The partnership – the first international technology partnership for Foundation – will leverage Morae’s deep bench of technology and subject matter expertise, managed services experience, and strong industry partnerships, as well as its strong presence across the UK, Europe, and Asia-Pacific to provide implementation and support services for Foundation’s Firm Intelligence platform.

The Foundation platform provides a better way for law firms to find and manage knowledge about clients, matters, people, and parties for greater responsiveness to client and prospect needs. Foundation works by passively collecting information from critical internal and external systems – intelligently transforming and normalizing data along the way, while also adding contextual information – to provide the firm with an actionable source of firm intelligence to achieve business objectives and drive revenue growth. The platform brings the needs of the law firm’s Business Development and Knowledge Management functions more closely together, and replaces the need not only for multiple solutions, but also for heavy manual contributions in data harvesting, data maintenance, and search and retrieval of experience, expertise, and relationship intelligence.

“Law firms have large amounts of data critical for winning and serving clients. But this data is typically scattered among numerous data silos, including time and billing, HR, and CRM systems, and lacks the contextual information necessary to make it meaningful. Our Foundation Firm Intelligence Platform enables firms to aggregate, synthesize, and transform their information into usable and actionable firm intelligence to better serve clients and lawyers while helping to drive the firm’s revenue,” said Barry Solomon, Executive Vice President at Foundation Software Group.

“Pressure is rising on law firms to rapidly locate and utilise relevant commercial intelligence and legal knowledge from across what are often disparate systems. Morae is excited to introduce this timely solution from Foundation to our clients in the UK, Europe, and Asia-Pacific,” said David Boswell, President, Digital Transformation at Morae. “We are an ideal partner for the implementation, integration, and support of the Foundation Firm Intelligence platform based on our many years of experience in designing solutions for some of the most complex law firm environments in the world. Our team has a deep understanding of how to transform knowledge into wisdom, and how to leverage technology to increase the quality and efficiency of legal service delivery to secure higher revenue and margins.”

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