By Jonathan Gross, Director, Morae Global

CLOC President, Mary O’Carroll opened the 2019 CLOC Institute in Vegas. She spoke about the perception shift where legal ops was once dismissed as a passing trend, to a movement with an organization boasting over 2,500 members. The 2019 conference was the largest U.S. conference dedicated to legal ops education and networking in 2019, with more than 2,000 registered attendees. O’Carroll stated that “one of the most noticeable changes in the Legal Operations field is that it is now a chosen profession for many highly-credentialed professionals. It is no longer just a job without definition or clarity.” 

Morae Global showed up in full force. The Morae Global team attending the conference consisted of: Joy Saphla (President), Ryan Murphy (Managing Director), Marcia Goldenberg (Managing Director), and Directors Jon Gross, John Mielitz, Magnus Becher, and Tracey Hoover.  

Over the 2.5-day conference, Morae Global participated in delivering 2 informative sessions. The first session on “Transforming the Delivery of Contracts Through a Transaction Service Center” showcased the transformation of the legal department of the largest education company in the world from a Center of Excellence to a world-class transaction service center. Bob Mignanelli, Associate General Counsel for Pearson, and Joy Saphla, President of Morae Global, discussed how Pearson made a paradigm shift in their delivery and management of transactional legal services through effective use of tools, resources, processes and standards. “Pearson’s story was powerful because it highlighted how a thoughtful look at workflow and resources can reap huge increases in efficiency and quality,” says Morae Global Director Jon Gross.

Bruce McMahon (VP of CallMiner) and Magnus Becher (Director at Morae Global) presented a session and demonstration titled “Audio.IQ, the world-leading Conversational Behavioral Analytics Platform.”The session highlighted how sophisticated organizations can analyze audio interactions to gain actionable insight into voice data at scale. These demonstrations underlined what is core to Morae Global, namely the intersection of people, process, and technology.  “Morae’s holistic and bespoke approach to audio data processing, transcription and advanced analytics puts our clients first and reveals hidden insights and actionable management information across litigation & investigations, compliance and risk and sales enablement and customer experience in real-time,” says Morae Global Director Magnus Becher.

Closing out the event, Morae hosted a private dinner at Harvest for existing clients and prospects including McDonald’s, Avis, GE Healthcare, Dow and Pearson. The dinner was a great way to catch up with clients, collaborate with colleagues, and learn from our peers.  The setting facilitated a number of meaningful exchanges of best practices, shared challenges and several opportunities to collaborate on the best use of technology to help drive business results, regardless of industries.