Morae Global executives, along with more than 250 legal professionals and subject matter experts from law departments, law firms, alternative legal service providers and academia, gathered at the Convene Conference Center in New York on Sept. 13 for SOLID East—The  Summit on Legal Innovation and Disruption. The interactive conference offered TED Talk-style exchanges designed to engage speakers with attendees in round table, workshop sessions

“It was a great opportunity to hear from, and connect with, some of the leading minds from corporate law departments, law firms, and the software and service providers that support them,” says Morae Global Managing Director John O’Connor. “We were able to hear diverse perspectives on how the industry is changing and, more importantly, why that change is so important.”

Fourteen speakers delivered seven minute-long TED-style talks broken into three themed segments on innovation and disruption. Topics focused on challenges and barriers, identifying opportunities for meaningful change and developing solutions for all market segments.

“Too often, many conflate legal services with the practice of law and it challenges a company’s ability to innovate service delivery,” says Morae Global Managing Director Brian Stearns. “Not everything that happens in a legal function needs a lawyer.”

The talks were followed by facilitated table talks, sprint panels and town hall discussions, where participants discussed what they have learned from the session and how to apply these lessons to their own organizations.

“While most at the conference, both speakers and attendees alike, endorsed the importance of continued innovation within the legal industry – the most compelling message I heard was around how legal departments and law departments tend to hamper innovation as they typically operate in a culture of fear of failure,” says O’Connor. “Nothing that’s truly innovative is going to work perfectly the first time.  Foster a culture that embraces the failures, learns from them, and course corrects from there.”

Implementing change and advancing innovation within a corporate legal department setting dominated many of the talks and round table discussions.

“Lawyers tend to be risk averse which goes against innovation, but there has to be a willingness to fail,” says Stearns. “Law departments are demanding the use of technology. It’s a call to action for law firms and you need to be thinking about those things.”

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