Keynote presentation addresses changes in the legal industry and how technology is causing the legal profession to evolve.


Houston, November 19, 2018 —J. Kent Friedman, General Counsel and Chief Administrative Officer for Morae Global Corporation, the full-service, technology-enabled, integrated solution provider for the legal and compliance functions, delivered the keynote presentation during the 8th Oilfield Services Law Conference at the Hilton Houston Post Oak Hotel in Houston, Texas, on October 23, 2018.

Friedman’s keynote address “The Legal Industry Continues to Change Rapidly—How to Survive (and Thrive)” explored systemic changes in the legal industry and how technology continues to impact the evolution of the legal profession.

“The legal industry is changing,” says Friedman. “And Morae Global’s mission is to assist in-house counsel in transforming the legal and compliance functions.”

Friedman presented an overview of his career path before joining President and CEO Shahzad Bashir in his game-changing legal consulting business. “Morae Global is not your grandfather’s startup. Our first client was the general counsel of one of the biggest auto manufacturers in the world.”

His keynote also addressed obtaining clients, hiring lawyers, the city of Houston’s economic engines and the importance of community activities. “Three of my passions have been politics, sports and kids. More importantly, lawyers have a unique opportunity to make positive changes in our communities with pro bono work, protecting the rule of law, community service or impacting the political arena – and we shouldn’t miss these opportunities to make a difference.”

Friedman is a veteran corporate/transactional lawyer who has served as Chairman of the Board of a number of community entities, including the Harris County-Houston Sports Authority.

Since 2010, the annual Oilfield Services Law Conference has been hosted by the Institute for Energy Law – a division of the Center for American and International Law – focusing on areas of interest to lawyers working in the oilfield services sector, including interactions with governments, energy companies, policies and employment.

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