Global hosted a legal innovation dinner on June 27 at Stefani Prime restaurant
in Chicago that gathered law department and legal operations innovators from
Chicago-area companies including Abbott Laboratories, Allstate Insurance,
Baxter International, Brunswick, R.R. Donnelley & Sons, Walgreens and Zurich
North America.

by Morae Global President James Neath and David Cowen, President of The Cowen
Group, the event focused on the increasing challenges faced by legal executives
and what they want and need from a true strategic partner. Morae Global
Director John Mielitz was also in attendance as participants discussed how they
were driving change in their organizations.

“Law departments are increasingly pressured to do more with fewer
resources,” says Mielitz. “Legal professionals need strategic partners that
understand their business challenges, have expertise in not only ideas but also
implementation and a proactive ability to demonstrate value.”

rapid pace of acquisition and reinvention of companies presents unique
challenges that require equally unique solutions. Participants emphasized the
importance of planning their transformations with the right combination of
people, process, technology and strategic partners.

pervasiveness of legal technology and the need to embrace these advancements were
also discussed. “Embracing and effectively utilizing legal technology and the
use of data analytics are now vital to delivering the most effective outcomes
for the organization,” comments Mielitz.

addition to embracing efficiency improvements using process and technology,
many participants agreed that the most significant barrier to transforming the
legal department is change management.

final key takeaway emphasized how senior in-house counsel and legal operations
leaders are not alone in these challenges. All agreed on the critical importance
of engaging with peers, colleagues and outside advisors as resources in order
to stay ahead of these issues. “Now more than ever, if you want to elevate and
accelerate your career, it’s critical to network with your peers and colleagues,”
Cowen says.

Morae Global executive roundtable series provides a unique forum to network,
learn best practices and discuss the latest issues facing in-house counsel. If
you are interested in attending future events, please contact John Mielitz at [email protected].

more information about Morae Global’s upcoming events, please visit our Upcoming Events section.