ELEXIR launched as Morae Legal’s brand name for outsourced legal services
Houston – March 28, 2016 – Morae Legal LLC, an end-to-end legal consulting and solutions provider, today announces the launch of ELEXIR, its newly expanded service line that offers corporate law departments innovative legal service delivery models that improve quality and lower costs without adding permanent headcount.

“Corporate legal executives are being asked more than ever before to run their departments efficiently and more like other business functions with greater levels of transparency and accountability,” says Joy Saphla, Morae Legal LLC’s Chief Strategy Officer. “General counsel should think of ELEXIR as a technology-enabled extension of their law department. One of ELEXIR’s offerings, for example, places highly trained lawyers, empowered by technology and analytics, to handle the 60 percent of significant legal work that would be done in-house if the department had more capacity. We call this work the “Middle 60,” which is designed to focus on doing the right work with the right resources, consistently delivering higher cost savings and quality of service. No other company today is offering an innovative and disruptive service quite like this.”

ELEXIR lawyers tap into their deep experience with Am Law 200 law firms and Fortune 500 corporations to deliver the ELEXIR flexible service delivery models. In addition to the model that handles the “Middle 60” work, ELEXIR offers solutions that allow law departments to staff up for short-term projects, cover long-term leaves and outsource specific functions, international assignments or more. All models include highly experienced attorneys with a broad range of skill sets with predictable and flexible pricing.

ELEXIR lawyers are the flexible option that functions like in-house staff but without the fixed cost associated with adding permanent headcount and increasing overhead costs like benefits and space requirements. Morae Legal works with corporate law departments to design a highly efficient service delivery plan by placing ELEXIR attorneys who fit each client’s unique needs and offers greater control over costs.

“ELEXIR allows corporate law departments to bring more of their work in-house, but without increasing costs,” says Gregory Phillips, Managing Director. “This service is revolutionary in that control of corporate law department functions stays firmly within the corporation while quality of service and processes are improved through the use of high-end ELEXIR attorneys.”

For more information, please visit www.moraelegal.com.

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Morae Legal LLC is comprised of a seasoned team of professionals who help the office of corporate counsel improve business performance by developing strategy, creating processes, deploying people, leveraging technology and measuring with data in order to deliver results. The company’s core service offerings include law department management consulting, outsourced legal services, crisis management and information and discovery management. More information can be found at www.moraelegal.com.

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Morae Legal LLC

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