Houston – January 7, 2016 – Morae Legal LLC, an end-to-end legal consulting and service provider, today announces that it has reached an agreement with Rockwater Energy Solutions, Inc. to provide outsourced legal services to the company.

Morae Legal professionals will function as an extension of Rockwater’s law department, handling work that is ongoing and requires specialization. “We were seeking a solution where we could engage with attorneys who have been in-house, bring relevant experience and could acclimate and remain an invaluable legal partner on a long-term basis,” says David J. Isaac, Rockwater’s General Counsel and Senior Vice President, Human Resources.

“We are thrilled that Rockwater Energy Solutions, a major player in the oilfield services industry and a model for the water management company of the future, has agreed to join our growing list of clients,” says Shahzad Bashir, Morae Legal’s President & Chief Executive Officer. “Rockwater is one of the most innovative companies out there, so it makes perfect sense that they would choose an alternative solution for sourcing of legal services.”

“We believe that Morae Legal’s model is the ideal model for us at this point in our history,” adds Isaac. “It delivers a unique combination of experience, quality and price, allowing us to ‘rightsource’ our work and increase both operating and cost efficiencies.”

Morae Legal is headquartered in Houston and has offices in Chicago, New York and Washington, D.C. For more information, please visit www.moraelegal.com.

About Morae Legal

Morae Legal is comprised of a seasoned team of professionals who help the office of corporate counsel improve business performance by developing strategy, creating processes, deploying people, leveraging technology and measuring with data in order to deliver results. The company’s core service offerings include law department management consulting, outsourced legal services, claims management services and discovery consulting and services. More information can be found at www.moraelegal.com.

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