Phoenix Business Solutions, a Morae Global Corporation company, and leading global information and document management specialist, today with DocsCorp, a leading provider of enterprise productivity solutions, announced that German firm Beiten Burkhardt would implement the DocsCorp suite of desktop applications.

The iManage-certified applications will complement the firm’s iManage Work 10 Desktop and Mobility environment, which empowers staff to work together from anywhere to support their clients. Users will have secure access to the entire DocsCorp suite: pdfDocs for PDF editing and bundling, compareDocs for document comparison, and cleanDocs for metadata management and data loss prevention. Phoenix will coordinate implementation and support as part of the deal.

The close professional relationship between Phoenix, DocsCorp, and iManage was a significant factor in the selection of the applications. Phoenix has supported the firm’s iManage document management system since 2016.

Beiten Burkhardt initially began reassessing its desktop productivity software as part of a larger initiative to upgrade to a new and modern desktop environment. DocsCorp’s applications came recommended by Morae’s Phoenix team, recently named iManage’s 2019 EMEA partner of the year. The firm was already using contentCrawler from DocsCorp to ensure 100 percent of files stored in iManage were made text-searchable. And it had several licenses of other DocsCorp applications working alongside competitor solutions. The feedback from the users was they preferred the DocsCorp software because it was easy to use and had a consistent UI.

“Working with Morae’s Phoenix team and DocsCorp has been a smooth process. Key for our firm has been customer support. Phoenix, DocsCorp, and iManage are all working closely with us to tailor technology solutions to the unique needs of our firm,” said Stefan Eckert, IT Director at Beiten Burkhardt.

Samantha Jefferies, DocsCorp VP of Sales EMEA, said, “We are delighted to partner with the legal and compliance experts at Morae to deliver a seamless solution to clients upgrading their desktop experience. Our track record of innovation, reliability, and performance, both on the desktop and in the elastic cloud, enables a streamlined approach to legal tech, making life easier for users and IT departments.”

Mathew Crocker, President of Morae’s Technology Consulting Business, added, “Morae’s Phoenix team is uniquely qualified to meet the virtual and on-premise desktop application needs of law firms and legal departments. Our clients increasingly require convenient, seamless solutions to help them work and collaborate more easily together across all phases of the information life cycle. I am thrilled to see Beiten Burkhardt embracing technology and innovative work solutions to enable more efficient delivery of the best possible service to their clients.”

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