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Ann Marie Kartsounes

Chief People Officer


[email protected]


I am Ann Marie Kartsounes; I am responsible for attracting, engaging and retaining top talent to align our business and clients' goals and strategic objectives. Ultimately ensuring our people have the best employee experience.

I have spent over two decades in talent management for leading professional and legal service providers. I specialize in developing and executing talent strategies that enhance business performance by building high-performing teams, fostering a learning climate, creating a diverse culture, and increasing overall employee engagement.

Why Morae?

I believe in our culture of integrity, trust, accountability, collaboration and long-term investment in our people and clients. Those elements along with our top-notch talent allow us to provide exceptional service to our clients.

I focus on building productive, long-term relationships with our employees by cultivating an environment where collaboration is encouraged, knowledge is shared freely, and diversity of thought, cultures, communities, and viewpoints are embraced.

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