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Chris Torkelson

Senior Director

Who I am

I am Chris Torkelson. I am both a technology strategist and implementor having spent over 20 years working in Strategic Planning, Consulting and Professional Services across multiple industries with a focus on Financial Services and Legal.

What I have done

I have helped companies create strategies to improve their business and worked with them to implement both process and technology solutions to operationalize those strategies. Along with my strategic work, I have helped to prioritize and manage a $200 million portfolio of technology improvement initiatives and have implemented over 50 major technology projects.

Why I am at Morae

I am at Morae because I see the legal space as one that has major opportunities to take advantage of the growing capabilities in digital technology, and am excited about Morae’s unique position to enable clients to both strategically identify and deliver solutions that will enable legal departments to bring more value to their business while reducing risk.