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Emily Mallory

Senior Director

Who I am

I am Emily Mallory, and I help General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officers envision and realize operational transformation within their departments.  

When problem solving with my clients, I apply a risk lens to questions, remain grounded in their business objectives, and consider change from the end-user’s perspective.

What I have done

I have supported clients in their efforts to develop, communicate, execute, and validate their legal business processes and compliance programs.  

My experience includes performing operational maturity assessments, conducting legal and regulatory risk assessments, leading change management through department-wide transformation, advising on organizational design and resourcing options, developing cost management strategies, supporting M&A-related legal and compliance department integrations, and running hotline and anti-corruption sanctions screening programs.  I have tailored my approach based on each client’s unique values, culture, and risk profile. 

I have assisted corporate legal and compliance departments of varying sizes and growth trajectories, with global footprints, and across industries. 

Why I am at Morae

I am here because I share our vision to redefine the legal and compliance functions.  Our methodology combines tried and true solutions with clean slate, creative thinking.  We collaboratively solve problems and have fun while we do it.  

Further, Morae has encouraged and empowered me to pursue my passions, including numerous opportunities to invest in my colleagues’ development and by taking on a leadership role within our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion program.