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J.B. Costilow, Morae

J. B. Costilow

Managing Director

Who I am

I am J. B. Costilow. I am responsible for creating and implementing industry-leading legal technology solutions that support operational excellence, economical delivery, customer service and accountability.

What I have done

I have more than 17 years’ experience in legal services, having worked with both internal and external stakeholders to create custom-tailored value-added data solutions, develop client engagement models and service implementation strategies. I have advised companies of all sizes across many locations and industries on the application of technology-assisted review to improve and advance efficiencies with complex litigation and investigations. I have assisted clients in implementing eDiscovery best practices, including leveraging advanced analytics to effectively and efficiently cull and triage large volumes of client data. My experience at the company also includes managing collection, review and production processes for many large Fortune 500 companies.

Why I am at Morae

I joined Morae to help better deliver legal services by pairing new and cutting-edge technologies with our unparalleled expertise in order to drive value to law firms and corporations around the globe.