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James Rojas

President, Legal Business Transformation and Chief Financial Officer

Who I am

As the President, Legal Business Transformation and Chief Financial Officer for Morae, I work closely with our legal managed services, finance, and accounting teams. This includes responsibility for delivery of managed services as an extension of our law department and law firm clients with solutions that allow our clients to flexibly utilize alternative approaches to meeting their legal and business goals and objectives, throughout the ebbs and flow in workload while reducing overall cost and improving cost certainty.

What I have done

I have almost 30 years of experience in finance, management consulting and mergers and acquisitions. I have worked to drive value for companies from small start-ups to large, multibillion-dollar organizations where I was responsible for business strategy, finance and operations. I was also a consultant for the first half of my career, so I understand the needs and demands of clients and how hard our people work every day to exceed their expectations.

Why I am at Morae

I am here because of the deep experience, exceptional talent and infectious excitement of our people. The desire to ignite our clients’ success is at the forefront of every decision we make.