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Kimberly Bell, Morae

Kimberly Bell

Senior Director

Who I am

I am Kimberly Bell. A strategic leader with decades of experience guiding general counsel and legal operations, I am a catalyst to drive transformative innovation and operational excellence. From initial analytical assessment to strategy and execution, my perspective and leadership add bottom-line value to a diverse group of satisfied clients and organizations.

What I have done

Before joining Morae, I was most recently the Head of Legal Operations for Nissan North America. My 20+ years of experience includes operations leadership within Fortune 500 companies and law firm management, as well as in consulting roles, offering guidance and value to successful client teams.

I understand the challenge GCs and legal operations leaders face. Running daily operations of a large organization, managing the pressures of shifting budgetary requirements, and delivering a combination of proactive and reactive service to business unit clients, requires operational excellence. I deliver data-driven solutions, strategic planning, business process design, and technology needs assessment with implementation, all delivered with large-scale financial operations insights to streamline processes and maximize enterprise performance.

Why I am at Morae

The People. I joined the Morae team in December of 2020 because they are engaged and engaging…and successful. Together, our team embraces each opportunity to collaborate with our clients to transform the delivery of legal services at the intersection of law and business.

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