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Lindy Muto

Managing Director

Who I am

I am Lindy Muto. As a Managing Director in the Legal Business Advisory group, I work with legal teams to transform the delivery of legal services to their clients and the business, and realise the intrinsic value lawyers and legal teams bring to the strategic direction of their organisations.

What I have done

I am a rare breed of lawyer who holds an MBA with a passion to drive change in the legal sector. I have worked in the legal industry for 20 years, as a lawyer in private practice and as a General Counsel, including 10 years of finding innovative solutions for in-house legal teams to transform. I have worked across Australia, the United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates and Asia. I have delivered tangible outcomes and scalable solutions that improved the delivery of legal services in-house, helped legal departments drive revenue through re-engineered legal processes and built collaborative teams between legal departments and the business using a human-centred approach. I have also developed strategies and processes that disrupt established models of legal spend and the engagement of external law firms.

Why I am at Morae

I am at Morae because of the people, their experience and dedication to the legal sector. We share the same commitment to transform the delivery of legal services and the shared mission of helping legal teams show value and have a seat at the table.