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Mary Jummati

Managing Director


[email protected]


I am Mary M. Jummati. I help improve organizational performance of legal operations with the use of technology. My keen focus on technology as an enabler that requires highest levels of adoption results in increased productivity; better, faster and more reliable reporting; reduced spending; and better risk management.

I have more than 25 years of experience in strategic planning, leadership, project and program management, software selection, enterprise software implementation and change management. I have significant experience in managing complex global programs and large operating budgets, aligning technology and business goals and actively mitigating and resolving risks. I adhere to a hands-on, team-oriented approach and a collaborative and decisive issue resolution style. I have directed multiple matter management, e-billing, document management and contract management transformations for large corporate legal departments. I have also led the business workstreams and partnered with technology vendors on complex systemwide deployments, including multiple legacy systems and unique business unit and practice area requirements.

Why Morae?

I am at Morae because of the vision and quality of its leadership. Morae’s entire leadership team, including its President and CEO, promote a culture of collaboration and empowerment, allowing people to be themselves. They believe in serving the legal community in the most foundational way possible—by helping clients solve complex problems.

My in-depth understanding of and passion for legal technology, business process, and industry knowledge helps the office of the General Counsel drive improved cost effectiveness and efficiency in their departments.

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