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Massoud Saad

Senior Director

Who I am

I am Massoud (Mass) Saad and I am responsible for the delivery of document management (DM) solutions in the Asia Pacific region. My team whilst leading projects, help to guide and steer global firms in large scale digital transformation projects for various Enterprise Content Management solutions including iManage and other DMS technologies. We provide in depth technical knowledge to help in analysis, design, development, change management and implementation as well as assisting with long term strategic planning.

What I have done

With over 12 years’ experience in the Legal IT and Financial Services industry (16+ years as an IT professional), I started working with iManage in 2010 at Macquarie Group, one of Australia’s largest financial services institutions, in an application support capacity before quickly transitioning into the project delivery space. During my tenure at Macquarie, I was responsible for managing and delivering projects for over 5 business divisions spanning across the globe for over 6000+ users in 65 offices.

Since joining Morae in 2016, as a subject matter expert, I have been responsible for leading some of the largest Enterprise Content Management migrations and deployments in Legal, Corporate Legal and Financial Services organisations in the southern hemisphere whilst managing a growing team with a substantial portfolio of global firms.

Why I am at Morae

I am delighted to be a part of such a diverse organisation that is a market leader in the Corporate Legal and Content Management industries. As a professional, I strongly and passionately resonate with Morae’s core values, vision and ambition.

Morae employs some of the best, most experienced and talented professionals in the industry. Working alongside such a powerful team of individuals is a privilege that I am excited about.