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Shashank Pande

Managing Director

Who I am

I am Shashank Pande. I am responsible for developing and managing Morae’s sales and strategic client relationships.

What I have done

I have two decades of experience in technology consulting; legal process transformation and outsourced legal processes, including e-discovery; contract managed services and regulatory compliance. Prior to Morae, I was Sales Leader at Integreon, where I led new sales as well as managed their multinational client relationships in the banking, high tech, and pharmaceutical sectors and across law firms.

Why I am at Morae

I am excited to be part of Morae as it strives to shorten data-to-decision cycles for its clients through a combination of proven technologies, robust processes, and talented individuals. I am at Morae because of the vision and strategy of its leadership team and for its culture of empowerment and inclusivity.