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Varun Srikumar

Managing Director

Who I am

I am Varun Srikumar. I lead Morae’s global On-Demand Resourcing business. I work with law firms, legal departments, and compliance executives to help transform and augment resource management strategies by providing high quality interim professional talent. The solution matches our global client needs with a range of readily available experience and expertise to address both their planned and unexpected resourcing needs.

What I have done

Over the last 15 years, I have advised legal and compliance leadership teams of large corporates on business transformation initiatives focusing on improving efficiencies, operational change, resourcing strategies and adopting the latest technology for improved outcomes. I have also worked with clients across diverse industries in the UK, US and European regions. I am an experienced leader with a deep understanding of the evolving legal services landscape, including previous roles with Elevate Services, Advanced Discovery and Huron Consulting Group.

Why I am at Morae

I joined Morae to be part of a great journey with like minded individuals pushing boundaries within the legal services landscape. Morae’s leadership provides a platform for everyone taking part to challenge norms and actively collaborate to bring about positive change to the clients and communities we serve and work in.