DocuSign is the market leader in digital signature technology and meets the requirements of legislation in Australia, EU, UK and US.

Automate the agreement lifecycle

While eSignature has changed the way that many organizations execute a contract, the lifecycle before and after signature is often managed through manual processes, spreadsheets, and emails—slowing the pace of doing business, increasing risk, and frustrating customers and employees.

DocuSign CLM (Contract Lifecycle Management) allows organizations to streamline the agreement lifecycle by transforming analog manual processes into a digital automated workflow. The end result is an accelerated pace of doing business, increased compliance, and more efficient employees.

How we add value

Morae is a DocuSign Platinum Partner, a distinction we earned after meeting DocuSign’s highest standards of commitment, expertise, and service performance for the delivery of DocuSign CLM for contract lifecycle management (CLM) solutions. For those who would like to augment their DocuSign eSignature functionality with integrated support across the entire contracts lifecycle, Morae can help ensure your DocuSign CLM solution is planned and implemented optimally for your organization. As DocuSign also integrates with iManage, another one of our technology partners, we are also perfectly placed to be able to support this capability within the whole platform solution provided for our clients.