TeamConnect – The End-to-End Platform for Legal Management

Mitratech’s TeamConnect scales to meet your legal department’s exact needs – and can take you anywhere you want them to grow.

It’s the proven Enterprise Legal Management (ELM) platform that brings together people, processes, and information from across your enterprise, providing the focus and business insight you need to transform Legal Operations.

Best-in-class ELM

TeamConnect is the proven end-to-end platform for Legal Operations to deliver more efficient legal services to the rest of the organization, combining matter management, e-billing, legal spend management, document management, reporting and analytics, and processing automation.

By helping businesses manage core legal operations, TeamConnect has saved clients around the world hundreds of millions in legal spend and operational costs, hundreds of thousands of attorney hours, and built a base for digital transformation across their enterprises.

  • By providing a single source of truth across multiple practice areas (or even the entire enterprise), TeamConnect helps you make data-driven decisions and reach KPIs that create real long-term value.
  • Extend TeamConnect ELM across all your legal and compliance operations with powerful workflow and integration capabilities without custom coding.
  • Protect revenue and reduce risk by embedding business intelligence and analytics throughout the matter lifecycle.