Robust and flexible content synchronisation

SeeUnity makes it easier to access information from multiple systems, either manually or via automated synchronisation processes.

The need for a reliable and stress-free synchronization tool is high on the priority list for many of our clients, so we put several solutions to the test before deciding to partner with SeeUnity in 2015. Their robust engine can not only integrate with multiple systems, it also has the flexibility to meet the specific needs of professional services firms.

What does SeeUnity offer Morae clients?

We actively support SeeUnity’s Echo and Fusion products. Using these tools, we can set up one-way or two-way synchronization between iManage databases, HighQ Collaborate and SharePoint as well as OpenText eDocs, Box and Salesforce.


The result is an extremely flexible and workable solution that meets the synchronization needs of our clients. An additional benefit is that synchronizations can also be either manually driven or automated based on document metadata.


To date we have been able to successfully deploy SeeUnity to meet all the specific requirements our individual clients have requested.