Stop sensitive information being emailed to the wrong people

Tessian uses intuitive technology to understand email communication patterns and quickly spot anomalies, including inadvertent errors.

Morae clients know they can trust us to ensure they benefit from the very best in new technology solutions to address the challenges organizations face on a daily basis. So, with the impending implementation of GDPR rules and ever-present concerns over information security, our partnership with Tessian is a natural fit, and timely too.


What does the Tessian solution offer Morae clients?

By far, the biggest threat to data security is not a malicious attack from outside your organization, it’s inadvertent human error from within. The stark truth is that a mistyped email address is significantly more likely to result in a data breach than anything else. And, of course every breach must be reported as well as dealt with.


Tessian is the only provider in the world to use machine learning to identify email anomalies, which means that its impressive effectiveness is not reliant on pre-set rules or keywords. Because it learns from your company’s historic email activity, Tessian is an intuitive solution to a problem that, if left unaddressed, could have catastrophic consequences.


By incorporating Tessian into our bespoke solutions, Morae clients can protect their integrity and reputation, demonstrate their ongoing commitment to privacy (to both clients and the regulator) and ensure the main communication artery of modern businesses – email – is properly secured.


How we add value

Morae makes it easy for you to include innovative Tessian protection within your total solution. We’ve chosen Tessian after extensive testing so we are already confident in its performance as well as compatibility with our solution suite. You’ll benefit from including the latest cutting-edge email security technology whilst still maintaining one point of contact for your entire solution. Simple, yet incredibly effective.