Secure and efficient deal management from start to finish

thedocyard cuts the time and admin overhead needed to process a deal, by more effectively managing tasks, tracking and exchanging documents and providing a single source of truth.

Organizations working on complex deal transactions face increased pressure to improve traditional working practices in favor of their clients by offering more accountability, greater transparency and standardization within the deal process.


Meeting these demands can create practical issues and ultimately erode profit margins. To overcome this challenge, Phoenix has partnered with thedocyard to provide a definitive solution and give companies a competitive advantage in the deal arena.

What does thedocyard offer Morae clients?

Having looked at the various solutions available, we identified thedocyard deal platform as the best fit solution for a host of reasons including its impressive end-to-end functionality, overall fit with our existing best-of-breed technology, and importantly, the ease in which this solution mirrors the way that companies prefer to work on deals.


Using thedocyard platform cuts back on the time-consuming administrative burden dealmakers face and reduces billing waste and write offs. Productivity is improved and tasks are closely managed and tracked so nothing can be missed. Clients love it too, thanks to its ease of use, tight security and total transparency; it also demonstrates that your firm really is innovative and forward-thinking in its approach to deal management.

How we add value

thedocyard is not simply an ‘add-on’ product. It complements the extensive suite of solutions that Phoenix provides and can be seamlessly incorporated into the bespoke set-up we create to meet the needs of your organisation. As a partner, thedocyard also share our values, taking pride in delivering customer and service excellence and actively seeking new ways to improve and enhance the customer experience on a local and global scale.