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Deploying Teams and Channels alongside iManage

on demand WEBINAR: Best Practices for Law Firms

and Legal Departments

With Teams now widely adopted by lawyers as the primary instant messaging platform, firms are looking to take the next step and take advantage of the extended collaboration capabilities enabled by creating Teams and channels.

However, those who have invested in a document management system such as iManage are quickly realising this isn’t as straightforward as it would seem. The inability to turn off the files tab in Teams means that legal content can quickly find its way into SharePoint online, compromising the system of record, and risking violation of firm policies and client terms.

To get this right, you need a careful blend of configuration, tooling, defined ways of working and change management.

During this on-demand session, David Malkinson, Managing Director at MoraeKeith Lipman, Co-Founder & CEO at Prosperoware shared field experience and best practices on using Teams alongside iManage, as well as change management tips to help you succeed.

Topics that were covered include:

– Effective use cases for Teams and Channels

– Provisioning strategies

– Working with the files tab and the DMS

– Collaboration with non-DMS users

– Messaging best practices

– Team expiration and retention

– Using Teams as an Extranet

You will also be able to watch this On-Demand Webinar and download a White Paper by David Malkinson on the same subject by completing the form below: