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Manage your e-discovery and document review obligations

Discovery Services

Evolving business regulation and exponential growth in data have created enormous legal challenges. Our many technology-enabled solutions apply sophisticated and proven processes to help your legal and compliance teams quickly and proactively address litigation, regulatory and internal investigations; effectively identify and shape your response to key risks; and drive efficiency for the company and its outside counsel. We focus on applying the most effective and advanced tools in the marketplace, and we enhance them through custom development—including our own proprietary platforms—to support different customer data types, integrations and customized workflows. The goal is to translate, analyze and visualize data to quickly distill them into facts that make a difference.

Technology Enabled

We deploy best-in-class technology in support of the entire contract management life cycle from intake to workflow to collaboration to drafting, review and negotiation to execution, sophisticated data analytics, sla/metrics, reporting and dashboards. Some of the solutions we work with include: