Compliance and Data Management Services

When regulations change—or anytime you need to test and remediate across a large amount of data or consolidate a high volume of agreements to drive consistency—we bring people, process and technology to deliver accurately, quickly and efficiently. We start by understanding the scope, then we build a process, review the documents, provide an assessment of the documentation against predefined criteria and support the necessary documentation or remediation of your counterparty relationships.

Our regulatory, compliance and/or legal experts provide a deep understanding of the issue and can help create a map of identifiers to customers, employees or other individuals, taking advantage of our process, technology-driven approach, analytics expertise and scale.

We also deliver multijurisdictional surveys and other legal research to create regulatory maps.

Areas of service include:

  • Risk and compliance analysis
  • Contract abstraction
  • Template and Playbook creation
  • Repapering and assignments
  • Regulatory mapping
  • End-to-end compliance remediation

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