CLM Optimization Assessment

Streamline the entire contract lifecycle – accelerating the pace of doing business, increasing compliance and improving employee and customer experience.

Real-World Expertise to Maximize your Technology Investment

Morae can help your company get the most out of your Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) investment by delivering real-world expertise that’s been cultivated through years of implementations and hands-on usage. Morae’s deep understanding of law departments and CLM solutions enables us to tailor your technology and processes to your company’s business needs. We focus on helping our clients proactively reduce costs and risks and to optimize how the legal department serves its business stakeholders. But implementing a solution is only half the battle. Continuous monitoring, maintenance and improvement are equally important. We have the expertise to find unrealized value opportunities and maximize your technology investment.

About Morae

Morae has a seasoned team of professionals who help legal leaders improve team performance by developing strategy, creating processes, deploying resources, implementing technology and measuring with data to help our clients deliver results.


We focus on outcomes and collaborate with clients to help them better manage their content, cost, and risk. As a recognized ACC Value Champion and winner of many Legal Technology Awards, we’re ready to help you meet your goals no matter what CLM solution is best for your organization

Optimization Benefits

  • Enhanced efficiency through elimination of bottlenecks and improved utilization
  • Shorter turnaround times that enable a more agile business approach to market opportunities
  • Higher quality through more consistent alignment to legal department standards
  • Improved stakeholder satisfaction across the business and the contract lifecycle, enabling more effective delivery of clear results and achievement of business objectives
How Morae Can Help

Evaluation of Your Existing CLM

We will ensure that functionality and modules are optimally leveraged in your current implementation.

Solutions Development

We will address pain points and resolve any process gaps.

Measurement of User Adherence

We will measure user adherence of policies and standard practices to quantify your potential risk.

Validation of Alignment

We will validate the alignment of your existing technologies in-use compared to your current needs and future vision.


We will provide improvements supported by industry best practices with a focus on enhancing user adoption and improving ROI.