Corporate Transactions

Successfully executing a merger, acquisition or divestiture and capturing its business value requires a legal team that understands the strategic value of the relationship, delivers experience to the transaction and maintains focus on post-closing objectives.

The challenge is having those skills available when needed, at scale and at a price that makes sense for the work and the deal. We cover your most complex transactions from pre-transaction support to governing agreements through closing and even after close. By providing top-tier attorneys as an in-house resource or serving as a managed service, we ensure your transaction have quality and cost-effective support, strategically placed to ensure your budget and in-house team can focus on the most complex aspects of your transaction.

We can specifically help by:

  • Extending your in-house team with our attorneys, allowing your in-house team to focus on the most strategic issues
  • Delivering pre-signing contract diligence and support
  • Delivering post–signing contract diligence for integration planning
  • Providing full-deal transaction support