Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers and Acquisitions can offer tremendous opportunities to create and sustain breakthrough value. However, acquirers fail to achieve this value more than half the time.

Successful acquirers put a prudent M&A strategy in place early in the process – supported by integration programs designed to deliver on synergy goals and achieve operational efficiency.

Law departments undoubtedly play a critical role in making a merger or acquisition successful. Not only must they integrate their own teams, but law departments must help the business integrate culturally and geographically disparate entities and align contractual relationships, information assets, processes, systems, teams and company cultures in order to realize the synergy benefits.

Only Morae provides the integrated end-to-end consulting and services required to assist in all phases, before, during and after the deal.

Morae’s integrated solution will:

  • Provide an experienced team of legal professionals to assist with due diligence and all other pre-merger operational efforts.
  • Support the integration of information assets at the enterprise level.
  • Take a proactive approach to law department integration to help maximize transaction value.
  • Expedite the post-merger integration process to realize benefits faster.
  • Reduce risk from the distractions associated with law department integration.
  • Enable a seamless transition to support and protect the business and its employees, customers, stakeholders and suppliers.

Mergers and Acquisitions Services

Integrating The Legal Team
Our team provides expertise and experience in integrating disparate law departments (including strategy, people, providers, processes, data and tools), building blueprints for the combined organization and ensuring targeted synergies are achieved. Morae Global specializes in law department integration and has helped companies across many industries realize savings between 15 and 25 percent. Our approach maximizes transaction savings while minimizing disruptions to day-to-day activities.


Hart Scott Rodino Document Production
Mergers, acquisitions and divestitures present unique information management challenges. Assessing obligations, mapping the information landscape and determining data disposition and how it will be managed are all complex and time-consuming activities. Our team of experienced information management professionals leverages analytics technologies to support our clients from initial due diligence through full integration, or in the case of divestitures, from classification through the transfer and disposition of information.


With merging parties, time sensitivities and experience are crucial whether you are dealing with the HSR Second Request or the Canadian Competition Bureau’s Supplementary Information Request (SIR). In either case, a merger may provide the ideal time to adopt Morae Global’s innovative approach to information governance by deploying machine learning and other analytical tools upstream.


Due Diligence And On-Demand Legal Resources
Successfully capturing value from a merger or acquisition requires a legal team that understands the strategic value of the relationship, delivers experience to the transaction and maintains focus on post-closing objectives. The challenge is having those skills available when needed, in volume and at a price that makes sense for the work and the deal. eLEXir’s M&A Services cover your most complex transactions from pre-transaction support to agreements through closing and even post-closing. By providing top-tier attorneys as an in-house resource or serving as a complete outsourcing provider, eLEXir ensures your transaction has quality, cost-effective support, strategically placed to ensure your budget and in-house team can focus on the most complex aspects of your transaction.