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Cyber Solutions – Data Breach Response

Identifying the PII and PHI with speed and accuracy to meet your data breach notification requirements

Data breaches are occurring with ever alarming frequency. When a cyber incident is discovered, the clock starts ticking to meet strict notification obligation as per GDPR, HIPAA, 50-state notification laws, and industry-specific mandates. It’s imperative to assess the impact and identify compromised personally identifiable information (PII) and personal health information (PHI) to generate a complete and consolidated list of unique entities requiring data breach notifications.

Morae can help you meet your obligations for cyber breach response. We offer a powerful combination of AI and machine learning technology coupled with a highly scalable bench of experienced cyber reviewers. Clients choose Morae because they appreciate our speed, accuracy, and value, including cyber breach project managers with leading expertise in workflow design, technology, and team oversight. Our global roster of vetted cyber analysts along with our partner network of cyber-security firms, law firms and insurance companies ensure we can quickly scale to provide an end-to-end data breach solution for our clients.

Morae further supports investigations and litigation arising from cybersecurity and data breach incidents. We are experts in Discovery and can help you meet your regulatory or legal requirements while you recover from the cyber event.

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Read our case study to learn how Morae, utilizing innovative technology from Canopy, was able to save a client over $200,000 on Data Breach Response.

On-Demand Webinar: How We’re Embracing Emerging Tech for Fast, Accurate Data Breach Response.


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