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Data Security

Protect your data assets and reputation

Your firm holds a wealth of sensitive personal and commercial information – so we ensure it is secure and protected from prying eyes.

When cyber-attacks and threats from disgruntled employees are a real risk, are you staying on top of data privacy, governance and security with a robust data security and protection toolkit?

Are you able to guarantee the security of your clients’ data and are you confident that your infrastructure, policies and tools will stand firm if attacked?

How can you better facilitate the flow of information to your clients without risking becoming the weakest link and a potential security target?

    At a glance

    • Security information and event management (SIEM) providing real-time monitoring, correlation, and analysis of security alerts generated by the network.
    • On-premises, hybrid and cloud-based web gateway platforms that detect, inspect, respond and protect client environments from cybersecurity threats.
    • Consultancy and security awareness training covering policies, procedures, processes and controls that enforce the importance of data security.
    • Threat identification protecting against data breaches, identifying  types of data security, vulnerabilities and securing the environment against the risk of outside attack.
    • Protection from inadvertent email data leakage where the wrong address is selected.

    How We Make a difference

    As cyber threats and data security become more sophisticated by the day, we can help you adopt a ‘secure by design’ approach to protect your assets, and those of your clients – and safeguard your reputation. As well as offering the latest technology and tools, we deal with the practical issues important to your day-to-day activities. This could be enabling secure interaction between clients and fee-earners; defending against malware, advanced threats, ransomware and data loss; or providing secure, policy-driven, permission-based access to information. We also offer protections from internal threats too such as identifying unusual behavior from users, encrypting data at rest and in transit, and even preventing digital data security incidents and data breaches resulting from misaddressed emails. With the right protections in place, you’ll feel much more confident that your firm is not at risk. 

    iManage Govern

    Tightly manage critical information access and security.


    Tessian uses intuitive technology to understand email communication patterns and quickly spot anomalies, including inadvertent errors.

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