The Audio Challenge

Today’s economy generates more data than ever. The pace at which we create data is increasing – a recent Forbes article stated that ‘2.5 quintillion bytes of data are created each day’ but that this pace will only grow. It also reflected that ‘over the last 2 years alone, 90 percent of all the data in the world was generated.’ While data creates significant economic opportunities, this also means that businesses must account for increasing and evolving risks.

Financial misconduct is not limited to text based communication.

Voice channels have always been a source of compliance and risk exposure. However, most organizations report being ill-equipped to manage and mitigate the risks presented by the unstructured data of voice.


Voice data presents numerous business challenges:

  • A manual sampling-based approach is insufficient and time consuming to cover risk
  • Managing disparate systems across the enterprise increases cost and presents integration difficulties
  • Complex mix of providers for technology, service delivery and compliance adherence
  • The inability to obtain business intelligence from audio data, beyond compliance
  • Significant lag in receiving actionable intelligence
  • Large resource requirement to manage
  • Existing technology is often not intuitive or user-friendly.

Intelligence in Audio

Proactive. Reactive. Effective.

The Morae Audio Solution

Morae, the leading data and managed services firm, offers Intelligent Voice, the only end-to-end audio AI solution for discovery, compliance and legal / investigation functions.


Escalation of red flags triggered by bespoke conduct rules and machine learning are assessed by strategically deployed expert teams to achieve a cost-effective solution.


Legal / Investigations
Fast and effective audio data search, prioritized results to expedite decision making with deep analysis to assess the data, connect the dots and enable support for swift disclosure to government agencies and courts.

1 trillion

words per year

39 billion

category hits per year


of interactions monitored


The Morae team is comprised of data scientists, project managers and compliance resources with firsthand experience in your industry. We offer a variety of deployment options, depending on what is most suitable for your organization.

Design Team: A compliance program is only as good as the thoughtfulness of its design. Industry-specific categories are customized to your organization, resulting in a solution tailored to your risks and designed to achieve your compliance and business objectives.

Red Flag Assessment: A well-designed program flags calls that may evidence non-compliance with company policies or applicable regulations. We support clients in assessing alerted communications using a variety of deployment methods. Workflows ensure rigor, consistency, and auditability.

Refinement: Compliance policies and practices must be dynamic. They must consider regulatory events, findings during surveillance monitoring, and must update accordingly. We provide a framework and training on how you can regularly enhance your program. Or our team of SMEs can undertake this as a cost-effective managed service.

On-Site Deployment: Morae has placed thousands of legal and compliance resources on-site with our clients who demand thorough background, qualification, and capability screenings for their professionals.

Off-site Analysis Centres: Our ISO-certified centres are scalable and deploy well-established performance protocols to ensure quality output.

Virtual: Virtual is the “new normal.” Morae’s Secure Remote Review solution has passed legal, information security and data privacy scrutiny by the most discerning global corporates and is presently in use in the most highly sensitive context.

Offshore: Cost-effectiveness cannot come at the expense of quality. Our offshore team has been tested in the most challenging circumstances. We offer cost effective resources and rigorous quality assurance upon request.

Layered Approach to Ensure Compliance

A multi-pronged and technology-enhanced approach makes Intelligent Voice the industry’s best compliance solution.

Risk Based Sampling

Sampling across business units, practices and desks based on compliance risk.

Red Flag Analysis

Conduct-based red flags based on rules or our AI.

Targeted Searching

Targeted searches based on any criteria with Boolean operators or concept searches.

Investigations & Litigations

It’s inevitable – even surveillance and compliance programmes cannot avoid disclosure obligations pursuant to regulatory requests or court-mandates. Historically, audio presented a significant challenge to businesses in this context.

Intelligent Voice​ has saved banks millions with competitive data pricing and enhanced functionality tailored to litigation and investigations. It connects seamlessly with industry leading eDiscovery platforms. Intelligent Voice enables legal teams to use familiar analysis tools and workflows for e-comm matters and audio.


  • Metadata
  • Aliasing
  • Transcript
  • Categories

Advanced Analytics

  • Concept searching and clustering
  • Predictive Modeling


  • Informed by data points
  • Case Strategy
  • See aside files for review


  • Audio tagging workbench
  • Batching of files for review
  • Escalation workflow