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Modern law departments and law firms must have effective technology in place to achieve its performance objectives, and these systems must be optimized to deliver effectively for the corporation or firm. Most often, the critical technologies are document and content management, electronic billing, matter management and contract management, and Morae  provides deep expertise in all four.

We have built partnerships with leading software providers to thoroughly understand their product offerings, compare and contrast the features and provide guidance to our clients during the selection phase. Our professionals have deep experience implementing and working with document and content management systems including Box, Documentum, OpenText, iManage, M-Files, NetDocuments, Microsoft, Worldox and many more. But at Morae, we know that the technology is not enough. It is the combination of technology with strategy, people, process and data that ignites performance.

Why Morae?

Technology and process expertise. Because we view technology as a key advantage for law departments and law firms, only Morae has the expertise to fully leverage technology as a tool to support process. We pair the right processes with the right technological functionality to build systems that work for the legal team.

No need to build from scratch. We leverage hundreds of previous implementations to deliver a best-practices starting point based on your industry, department size, style and geography. We then customize an approach for your project and specific challenges.

Full range of practitioners. Only Morae has practitioners, consultants, technicians and former general counsel on staff who have implemented legal technology on an enterprise level and global scale.

Our efficient, flexible approach is based on lessons learned from implementation engagements with the world’s most demanding and complex companies. We use iterative cycles to maximize project success and mitigate project risk. Enabling feedback early and often during the project results in no surprises and strong user adoption – ultimately delivering a higher return on investment.

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