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Document Review

Morae’s approach to document review has been refined over decades to achieve fast, accurate, and cost-effective results. We maintain a large roster of heavily vetted, high-performing document review professionals, scalable to meet any deadline with outstanding quality work product. Our operations and review centers match our multinational clients’ footprint; we’re global.

Morae values our document review team members. We view document reviewers as professionals who are critical to our success. We are unwavering in our commitment to creating a supportive environment where differences are celebrated and contributions, recognized.

At the same time, we expect a lot from our teams. A Morae document review environment—be it virtual or in-person—is engaging, with team members who are curious and ask questions. This approach results in a more rewarding experience for our team members and a better outcome for our clients.

Case Study
In one government investigation of suspected market-wide misconduct, an inquisitive Morae review team member questioned a communication pattern. The same day, Morae’s Project Managers identified thematically similar documents and presented factual findings to client and counsel. By weeks end, a collaboratively developed search strategy found additional documents that counsel proffered to the Department of Justice. Following a period of industry-wide subpoenas, search warrants, and regulatory inquiries, Morae’s client settled for a fraction of the fines levied against other market participants.

Morae’s internal recruiting team are continuously growing our roster. Our multilayered vetting process tests technical aptitude and substantive strength. We maintain a database on team member qualifications and performance so that we’re able to quick scale the right team for your project.

A hallmark of our approach is to build client-specific review teams, overseen by the client’s dedicated Project Management team. This achieves substantial efficiencies by institutionalizing insights in your business operations, organization, legal portfolio, and preferences.


Completeness and accuracy are essential. Morae’s Quality Assurance and Quality Control protocols leverage people, process, and technology to accomplish these critical objectives. Driving it all is substantive insight by our Project Managers who work closely with review teams and counsel to convert case strategy and facts into a QC strategy.

Our reporting is clear, actionable, and delivered on an agreed schedule. This allows you to track progress towards deadlines. It also affords insight into key findings & trends.

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