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eDiscovery / eDisclosure Advisory Services

We focus on applying the most effective and advanced tools in the marketplace, and we enhance them through custom development—including our own proprietary platforms—to support different customer data types, integrations and customized workflows. The goal is to translate, analyze and visualize data to quickly distill them into facts that make a difference.

  • Translate: We use customized workflows to process, parse and manipulate data into a structured environment.
  • Analyze: We give users the ability to interact with the data (typically on the Relativity platform).
  • Visualize: We apply advanced analytics through best-in-class technology like Brainspace and our own proprietary tools like Audio.IQ to analyze large troves of data and quickly distill insights from that data.

We have our own data environments in Europe and the United States as well as cloud-based environments in both the U.S. and the UK via Relativity One. We also offer “backpack solutions” (mobile discovery in a box, including software, hardware and a ready-to-deploy firewall)—all of which can be deployed rapidly in any geography.

Our backpack solutions have been deployed in:

  • Switzerland
  • Luxembourg
  • Monaco
  • Belgium
  • China

eDiscovery/eDisclosure Advisory Services

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