Smooth your journey to the cloud

Gain access to all the benefits of the cloud, and let us address your complexity and security concerns.

Are you considering cloud migration services or seeking to adopt a new cloud migration strategy, but are concerned that the needs of some clients or users will prevent a workable solution?

Would you like expert support to deal with cloud migration tools or infrastructure integration issues when your firm moves its data management to the cloud?

Do you need to build a business case for cloud migration that addresses management concerns regarding security, compliance and legislation?

At a glance

  • Avoid unwanted surprises later by checking suitability of the cloud for your current infrastructure via our Cloud Readiness Review.
  • Address issues regarding data security and sovereignty and gain reassurance that data centers and locations meet your needs.
  • Alleviate your operational overheads and enjoy the reassurance of 24/7 support from experienced cloud engineers.
  • Open up new opportunities for mobile working and collaboration and facilitate a more agile response to technology advancements.

How We Make a Difference

Choosing to partner with Morae for your cloud migration makes sense. We bring significant expertise to the table, not only in the process of cloud migration itself, but in the complexities from the unique perspective of a professional services firm. Moving to the cloud sounds simple in theory; in the real world, you will face some practical challenges. We smooth the process at every stage and deliver a business ready solution for your company and your users that will also grow with you.

iManage Cloud

Great performance and availability on demand.