Confident iManage users from day one.

With our iManage training support, your people will be fully prepared for systems changes, knowing what to expect and how to get started straight away.

Users are key to ensuring your firm gets the best and fastest return on investment from your new business solution, whether it is iManage work or iManage email management or iManage integration with Office 365.

Benefits are only ever fully realized when tools are used properly – so we take time to understand your users’ needs from the outset, matching our iManage training and support accordingly throughout the process.

Practical guidance

No two Morae solutions are exactly the same – so neither are our iManage training packages. We focus on giving users the skills they need to begin working effectively via their new system. Our objective is to achieve a comfortable and stress-free transition so that your business is not disrupted as the new solution goes live.

Our training is available at three stages:

  1. Business workshops and staff communications to prepare for change and manage expectations positively whilst providing ongoing iManage support.
  2. Systems training immediately prior to launch to get staff up and running quickly.
  3. Follow-up sessions once everyone is familiar and ready to learn more (for example, how to use iManage training sessions).

Most of our clients opt for all three as this offers the best user experience and helps keep productivity levels high.

Training on demand

We understand that sometimes additional support is needed – perhaps for new starters, as a refresher if an individual user needs extra help, or even once the system is bedded in and users want to do even more. Our training team is happy to address any individual areas of concern. This can often be done as a screen share for individuals or as a second stage workshop – whichever suits best.

We are creating a comprehensive video training library and you can view previews below:

iManage E-Learning

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