Information Management

Effortless information management

We bring together client, job or matter centric documents and files and enable faster, easier user access.

Has it proved too complex to create a centralized view of all the information relating to a particular client, job or matter?


Are your fee-earners finding it difficult to see the full picture when sourcing and retrieving all the information they need for a particular client?


Would the seamless integration of your various back-office systems and cloud solutions into a single, secure interface make a difference to your information management?

At a glance

  • Get more value from iManage Work and other market leading software commonly used in professional services including Elite Enterprise and 3E, Aderant, Inprotech, Mitratech and InterAction.
  • Reap the benefits of real-time information access thanks to user-friendly functionality, scalable dashboards and automated multi-source reports.
  • Single interface makes it faster and easier for users to search and retrieve from large volumes of documents in various formats using multiple site definitions page tabs to access specific projects, jobs or matters.
  • Solutions designed with the user in mind helps encourage take up and offers the familiarity of Microsoft Outlook look and feel.

How we make a difference

The starting point for our integrated information management solutions is Microsoft Outlook as this is the one interface that is familiar to all your users and helps build their confidence. From here, we open up a structured and organized world where they can access everything they need from their matter or client centric iManage workspace. This not only makes day-to-day working faster and more efficient, it also improves your clients’ experience of your firm too.