Morae Docufier

An iManage Work 10 Desktop Extension where a user can add iManage metadata fields as custom properties to Microsoft Word documents.

Are you spending time updating metadata for documents on Microsoft Word?

Do you want consistency across all of your document templates?

At a glance

  • Docufier is an iManage Work 10 Desktop Extension for Microsoft Word.
  • Users are able to add iManage metadata fields as custom properties.
  • When the metadata changes, the values of custom properties change accordingly.
  • Every document created from the same template can utilise the same custom properties.

Why Docufier makes a difference

When installed, Docufier searches for custom document properties all over the document and refreshes the values of these properties, every time the document is opened from iManage, saved or printed. When such a custom property is inserted for example to the footer of a Word template, every document created from this template can have the iManage document number and version in its footer.