Morae Document Recovery for iManage

Monitor document changes and save for end-user recovery

The Morae Document Recovery Tool (DRT) is an automated process that monitors all changed or updated documents in an iManage installation, and stores these changed documents into a separate file store for subsequent individual end-user recovery.

The site can set the period of Document Recovery Tool (DRT) monitoring, for e.g. it will check for changed documents every 10 minutes or so. When it finds documents that have been edited, it takes an immediate copy of these and stores them in the DRT file store and writes key information to the DRT database. End-users, accessing DRT via a web browser, can list all documents held on their behalf in the DRT file store and request that a particular document revision (i.e. backup copy of the document at a point in time) is to be recovered. Using a web browser, users can search for documents held in DRT (subject to security) by common profile fields such as Author, Document Number, Title etc and request that a document located is recovered. The recovered document is emailed to the end-user, where using standard iManage commands they can save the document as a New Document or as a new version of an existing document. The DRT records, and can report on documents, that have been recovered—when and to whom the recovered document was emailed. After 14 days (site configuration parameter) DRT will remove all documents from the DRT file store and database, from which point these document can no longer be recovered.

Key Features

  • Monitors changed documents for fast recovery
  • Simple to use, operates natively in a browser
  • User select the document/version they want recovered
  • Extends the power of iManage
  • Reduces time and cost of for administrators restoring documents
  • Connects with MS Outlook Tasks and Contacts.